Tree Pruning

Our professional tree surgeons and ground staff are on hand to be able to provide you with a quality service for tree pruning no matter the size of the tree. The services we provide are:


               Thinning: We can thin your trees out to provide increased light through without                                 changing the outer form and size of the tree, by decreasing the density in the crown                       this also will promote growth into more formed branches allowing them more nutrients                 and better form.

               Crown Reduction: Reducing the size of the overall tree.


​                  Crown Raise: Raising the lower branches of the tree allows better access                                           underneath and can benefit the aesthetics of the tree

               Pollard: Re-pollarding or creating an initial pollard on a tree in certain situations can be                   beneficial in the long run. This method does produce less stable branch unions though                   and will require continuous management in the years ahead 

               Ivy removal: Ivy can cover up tree hazards and it is better to be safe and remove the                       possibility of any unseen dangers.

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Pruning tree in garden exeter, Devon
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