Stump Removal

To completely remove a stump we use a machine called a 'Stump Grinder'. This machine has specially hardened teeth which grind away at the stump removing it to a minimum of 6 inches below the surface. We are able to grind out stumps which have only just been removed to stumps which are already decaying.

Once the stump has been removed, the area can be back-filled with the mulch which can then be turfed or reseeded as appropriate in the future. We also offer an option to replant a tree, or trees, which may be more suited to the area.

If grinding out the stump isn't an option due to access issues or the close proximity to cables, walls or other immovable objects which cannot be damaged we can use other methods to effectively kill off the stump and cause it to degrade over time and eventually decay away to nothing.

We are able to give a quotes for multiple stumps to be removed at a better price.                                     for a quotation for your stump removal.

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