Hedge Trimming

No matter how tall or wide the hedge is we are use techniques to provide you with a good finish to your hedge. We have previously used long length pole pruners, ladders and even stationary or manoeuverable platforms to get to the awkward areas by cutting back your hedge as tight as we can without 'going back to brown' we can neaten up your hedges. Once we have made our first cut it will, over successive years, become neater and better kept as the hedge fills out and tightens down.


We are able to provide a continuous                                   for all your hedges to keep them in check for the future.

If your hedge is not up to your standard and want to remove and replant, or you wish to remove fencing and plant a hedge in its place we are able to provide both of these services. Visit our                        page to see what we can offer.

Hedge trimming in garden hedging
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hedgetrimmer trimming laurel hedge