Digger picking up logs

LOGS! We made mincemeat out of this pile, and by mincemeat I mean firewood. This swing-shovel helped out to increase productivity for the client and made the job thoroughly enjoyable.

HEDGES! In the thick of it today hedge-trimming this dense beautiful Laurel. It didn't stand a chance against the freshly sharpened short handle hedgetrimmer. 

Hedgetrimming cutting laurel hedge
Big dead treework tree surgeon

BIG TIMBER! This is an All Tree Needs climber who is sub-contracting to another local reputable company. It is mutually beneficial and is great in building ties within the community. This one's taken in Dartmouth.

OUT ON A LIMB! Stretching out on this ash limb and bringing it away from the building was a tricky task but was no match for an All Tree Needs arborist. 

Tree surgeon devon exeter trees
Ecoplug tree stump removal

STUMPS UP! Sometimes when we are unable to completely remove the stump due to access issues we can offer some impressive alternatives. This is a stump that an All Tree Needs groundsman eco-plugged. The tree was removed and the stump treated to prevent regrowth and kill off the stump.

CHERRY REDUCTION! This secluded Cherry was getting too big for its boots, we reduced it to allow more light and space in the garden whilst taking great care not to lose the shape. Keeping on top of your fruit tree pruning will benefit the tree and the space surrounding it!

Cherry tree pruning exeter devon
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