Cable Bracing

If there are trees with heavy leans in them or they have significant cracks and have the potential to damage property we have to take action to negate that problem. One of these ways is to remove the tree or limb that is the issue, but if we wish to preserve it, the other is to synthetically brace or cable the stem to a healthy branch. This will both preserve and make the branch safe for a finite length of time. Regular arborist inspection and maintenance reports are strongly advised to determine the continued safety of the tree.

Cable bracing is usually used in two forms in conjunction; bracing the truck of the tree and cable or cober bracing the top. The lower brace prevents any further splitting and the upper brace allows for a mechanical advantage and aims to clench together poor unions.

If your tree has signs of splitting or cracking, or looks twisted and out of shape in any way do not hesitate to                     by following the link.

Cable bracing tree brace devon